Please join me in this Golden Age of Creativity.

Success Tips

Work overlooking you?

Tip. Always sit in your organized desk facing the door for a stable position.

School frustrating?

Tip. Create your List of monthly intentions on the new moon. Check them off as the moon grows. Face your LOA success direction for homework and studying.

Finances not getting ahead?

Tip. Keep your bills dealt with and payed on time. Make monthly income intentions to pay all debts and intent some play time income. 

Health Tips

Body tired and weak?

Tip. Make time for yourself in monthly goals for yourself. Find things to be thankful for.

Soul depleted? 

Tip. Spend time in nature. The colours and fresh air are healing.

Always fighting a cold or flu?

Tip. Sleep when you feel it's needed and cuddle with your favourite animal. 

Relationship Tips

Family in chaos and conflict?

Tip. Keep relationship areas in your home clutter free and clean.

Friends always troubling you?

Tip. Keep front door entrance clutter free.

Co-workers using you?

Tip. Keep garbage can empty. Add colours to your space for collaboration .

Not connecting with your mate?

Tip. Keep master bedroom clean and fresh. Decorate with cheery red in sets of two for passion. 

Wisdom Tips

Spirit evolving?

Tip. Collect info or image on a spiritual leader you respect.

Feeling unmotivated?

Tip. Focus on a passion and indulge in me time.

Unable to act on business idea?

Tip. Find a mentor or coach to help fire up some action.

Unable to realize personal goals?

Tip. Find a personal coach to be accountable to.