Essential oils from doterra

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Nature has always provided the necessary supplies for us and our health. As humans have similarities with the plant kingdom we find great results using the same healing and defence properties that plants use for themselves. For thousands of years this has been utilized and mentioned in many texts like the Bible, Greek, Roman down to middle ages and preserved by the monks. This knowledge has been kept alive and is resurfacing in our modern times in everyday households. 

The delicate science of the processing of plants "life blood" into a high vibrational state called "Essential Oil." This high vibrational state allows our bodies to re-calibrate the state we are in to resonate higher and higher. The response is noticed quickly on the emotional level. WE can benefit on all our levels. Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually. 

Ancient tradition suggests that essential oils are high in "Ether", "Esther" or "Spirit" once called the "diet of the saints" as consumed with high energetic value less food is needed. Essential oils are loaded in the beneficial ion that we find in a harmonious environment (nature) called negative ions or beneficial ions. We are naturally attracted to nature, water, waterfalls, oceans, forests, parks, and gardening. There is now a disorder from lack of nature called "nature deficiency disorder". DoTerra essential oils are CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade). They are tested and re-tested to be high quality and pure. Their name in latin means "gifts of the earth". When Essential Oil produce is picked at the right time and processed properly, it makes them part of good health and prevention.