Amazed how lucky I am to be enjoying office time in the court yard of the Nav Centre in Cornwall. Here I am enjoying one of our late Spring fine days in a conference centre on the shores of the St Lawrence River. 

This building has an obscureness to its architecture. the halls are not at all like a grid or ladder pattern and getting to your assigned room feels like an amusement activity at a carnival. The halls are in the form of a maze and you hope your key will open the door you are meant to be in. My husband said the Architect must have been from the psychedelic 60's  and that somewhere behind a camera someone is snickering at us dragging our suitcases back and forth and then hearing the little outburst of celebratory reaction getting to our door like a mouse in a maze receiving the cheese.

I think my brain works in riddles more than some, so I will need to connect some dots for some of you who don't know I am a bit of a riddle myself, for those of you who I can hear you rolling your eyes lol.

How does this relate to my life now? A maze could be a metaphor for how our lives would look through the eyes of our loving creator. There are times when our lives have similarities to walking the halls of this conference centre. I have a vague idea where I'm heading, and a key to a door that I don't know where it is and toeing along my suitcase of belongings. There are many doors that will access someone else's key, but mine is specifically coded by the check in clerk. In this case I give the code credit to my God.

My life now looks so much different than just a few months ago. In 2016 I was in a place of frozen fear and had my hands gripped with 'fingernails and all' to hold on to "my perfect life." I was living with my beautiful husband and daughters in our custom built dream home. I recall thinking and even saying that I was so happy and things are "perfect." Soon after the table legs of our family of four, were about to  wobble. Each leg was represented by a family member and the growing and expansion of lives were putting stress on my "perfect life." Having teenager twins who were on the edge of the nest and me subconsciously holding their wings down, a husband who travelled for work in an office that managed his team was six hours away from his bed was getting too much after about five years of this. Skipping forward our daughters experienced their first year living in residence and having the university experience, events unfolded and two years later my 19 year old twins are coming home after one year down of post secondary school to not the custom built dream home but he home we are in now that allows my dreams to continue and discover my next "perfect life."

I am amazed that by saying "yes to God" and getting out of my own way by the gift of surrender and one foot in front of the other following the unknown directions while in the maze, that all I needed was a key to unlock my "next perfect" and the ability to bring with me everything that I cherish most in my little red suitcase. It doesn't really matter if it's a custom built home but a home where my table with four legs will continue to wobble every now and then. My clear message is that God gave me the key and had a better destination in mind.

As Tony Robbins would say "say YES and make a MOVE." If I can be of any support to you, I'm here or maybe there, be assured I'll be pleased to enter the maize with you.