It's been said that " timing is everything ". This has been a nine year "coming out "process I've been in more than out.  I've been blessed to have been raised with a spiritual belief that has been my crutch and my shelter and in some cases a battle armour. As an aspect of my private life I've always been an open book. In my public life I've learned so much and shared my insights during one on one conversations. This was spontaneous and comfortable.

At this time in my life I find myself longing to act more on my passion and desire to share my spiritual lessons and my field of studies. As I've accumulated many spiritually explained miracles, coincidences and laws of the universe. I feel on some small level I'm qualified to share my experiences with my view of explanation to connect with the reader. 

Building a web site and offering my energetic services on a platform open to the public forces me  "out of the closet " for all to see and vulnerable to points of and possible judgement.

My closet was getting too small for me anyway and it needed some purging and one of the services I offer Energetic Space Clearing. Lol. This reminds me of my father when he was alive saying to us "do what I say not what I do"  

Everyone has room for growth and step by step I can do and say what I have learned along the way.

Love and Light