Trained and certified  by Marie Diamond Of Diamond Dowsing and Advanced Quantum Dowsing (Marie Diamond was featured on the renowned movie the *Secret*.)

• Trained in Feng Shui from Marie Diamond of Diamond Feng Shui
• Quantum Colours Marie Diamond
• Diamond Hexagrams. Ancient language before the alphabet 
• Personal Healing with the Golden Hue pendulum by Rev Alicja Aratyn


A transformational space to bridge in a modern way. I am a practicing Christian and believe there is a honorable value in ancient knowledge and a wealth to be ours in our modern world.


My great passion is to return support and empowerment  back to my community for all the good intentions, knowledge, experience and joy my friends and community have given me during this truly wondrous journey of self development. Many years of public service has granted me the gift of receiving healing energy from truly amazing people. It's been nothing short of magical of the results I have experienced. As I can see and feel energy these experiences help me share the joy with those who can't (yet). Those who seek my services already have a desire for greater vitality as I join them with this by energetically enhances their surroundings this will allow their brain level to raise from lower states such as beta or alpha to theta to get the duties done and share some joy. I can even create a meditation space in your home with delta waves for deep meditation and healing. How great is this?! So much to return back to those who shared so much with me. Thank you GOD for many many blessing and many many more to come.
Love and Gratitude,

Once known as Ruby (but that's another story).