Ruby Vision Empowerment

I've lived a life of curiosity and have strengthened my ability to see energy and use intuition to see situations in a different light. Thus allowing for solutions to queries and helping those to do the same.


Ruby Vision Empowerment

I've lived a life of curiosity and have strengthened my ability to see energy and use intuition to see situations in a different light. Thus allowing for solutions to queries and helping those to do the same.

Love Cindy

Love Cindy



Trained and certified  by Marie Diamond Of Diamond Dowsing and Advanced Quantum Dowsing (Marie Diamond was featured on the renowned movie the *Secret*.)

Personal support Coaching

• Master Dowser and Geomancer
• Holy Fire Reiki
• Feng Shui, Diamond Hexagrams and Quantum Colour Energy Enhancement and Quantum Vision Board
• Chakra Balancing and Meridian Alignment



A transformational space to bridge in a modern way conventional and non conventional approaches to give you your best results. I am a practicing Christian and believe there is a honorable value in ancient knowledge and a wealth to be ours in our modern world.


My great passion is to return support and empowerment  back to my community for all the good intentions, knowledge, experience and joy my friends and community have given me during this truly wondrous journey of self development. Many years of public service has granted me the gift of receiving healing energy from truly amazing people. It's been nothing short of magical of the results I have experienced. As I can see and feel energy these experiences help me share the joy with those who can't (yet). Those who seek my services already have a desire for greater vitality as I join them with this by energetically enhances their surroundings this will allow their brain level to raise from lower states such as beta to alpha and higher to get the duties done and share some joy with amazing results. I can even create a meditation space in your home with delta waves for deep meditation and healing. How great is this?! So much to return back to those who shared so much with me. Thank you GOD for many many blessing and many many more to come.
Love and Gratitude,

Once known as Ruby (but that's another story).




KNOWLEDGE —> {experience & action} —> WISDOM


  • Goal Setting that is set ablaze by the personal energy that came with you at your birthdate.
  • Using a variety of tried and tested techniques in a unique and personal list of goals and actions.
  • The law of attraction compass directions. Awareness that energy can flow to us like an open door.
  • Meditations for connection and protection to create a daily mindset of your desires and intents.


  • Feng Shui is the enhancement art of the Chinese to increase or activate chi, Prana or life force energy using Colour Power.
  • This is long range of practical applications starting from de-cluttering, creating air flow through the rooms of our home, the use of colours that represent meaning, furniture placement.
  • Identify best colours (or symbols like Hexagrams) to use in your environment and on your personal self.
  • General Feng Shui and personal LOA (Law of Attraction). Feng Shui uses the four compass directions for your Birthdate. Brain waves will respond with in 30 seconds when a rooms energy has been increased with Feng Shui.


Did you know, 1/3 of health is due to your environment!

  • Detecting and curing of non beneficial energies in and around the home/office and aura field.
  • Curing underground water friction from areas such as under beds or desks.
  • Correcting disturbed natural earth energy lines caused by electrical wiring, EMF, cell towers, underground water or fault lines.
  • Even non beneficial actions like abuse, divorce, illness, unhappy deaths. These scars are unseen, but nonetheless harmful.

Vision Boards

  • Personal compass directions that are uniquely yours to activate with Intention setting Goals.
  • For personal protection creating a clear and strong aura field.
  • Use of universal laws like the Law Of Attraction, Cause and Effect, Law of Radiation etc.
  • Personal LOA (law of attraction) using the birth date you entered this world with.
  • "Counting Your Blessings" as a manifestation.

Space Clearing

  • Removing Negative Vortexes in the area of your Home or office and transforming them into useful Positive Vortexes.
  • Removing low energy residue from the aura fields of us and our homes or work spaces, this could be emotional, mental or etheric. Things such as conflict, divorce, war or a person passing over. This allows the space for high intention vibration to fill the space allowing for a supportive environment for productive vitality.
  • Discernening what EMF's are "dirty" and clearing the wave formation from your space.
  • Healing you Bedroom and bed placement area by detecting underground water friction by redirection of the water's aura field 

Personal Healing

  • Holy Fire Reiki is a most powerful upgrade of Reiki, directly visiting source during the activation of the Reiki Ray.
  • The Golden Hue Ray Pendulum has an ancient combination of geometric shapes that can receive and distribute the Golden Hue Ray.This light frequency has just recently been available to us.Before this we functioned on the seven colours of the rainbow that are found within our chakra system.
  • Clearing and balancing chakras and many other high vibration healing purposes.
  • Aroma Touch massage to balance sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system and the soft  touch on the spine of human compassion and the awakening aromas of the essential oil therapy.
  • Goal setting techniques that give our mind a clear set of direction to our path of self improvement and the understanding that our birth date is the starting point of our dynamic exchange of giving and receiving.



Please join me in this Golden Age of Creativity.

Success Tips

Work overlooking you?

Tip. Always sit in your organized desk facing the door for a stable position.

School frustrating?

Tip. Create your List of monthly intentions on the new moon. Check them off as the moon grows. Face your LOA success direction for homework and studying.

Finances not getting ahead?

Tip. Keep your bills dealt with and payed on time. Make monthly income intentions to pay all debts and intent some play time income. 

Health Tips

Body tired and weak?

Tip. Make time for yourself in monthly goals for yourself. Find things to be thankful for.

Soul depleted? 

Tip. Spend time in nature. The colours and fresh air are healing.

Always fighting a cold or flu?

Tip. Sleep when you feel it's needed and cuddle with your favourite animal. 

Relationship Tips

Family in chaos and conflict?

Tip. Keep relationship areas in your home clutter free and clean.

Friends always troubling you?

Tip. Keep front door entrance clutter free.

Co-workers using you?

Tip. Keep garbage can empty. Add colours to your space for collaboration .

Not connecting with your mate?

Tip. Keep master bedroom clean and fresh. Decorate with cheery red in sets of two for passion. 

Wisdom Tips

Spirit evolving?

Tip. Collect info or image on a spiritual leader you respect.

Feeling unmotivated?

Tip. Focus on a passion and indulge in me time.

Unable to act on business idea?

Tip. Find a mentor or coach to help fire up some action.

Unable to realize personal goals?

Tip. Find a personal coach to be accountable to.


Essential Oils

Essential Oils


Cindy's DoTerra Business Site: http://www.mydoterra.com/cindynolet. To purchase retail or to order wholesale contact cindynolet@hotmail.com

Nature has always provided the necessary supplies for us and our health. As humans have similarities with the plant kingdom we find great results using the same healing and defence properties that plants use for themselves. For thousands of years this has been utilized and mentioned in many texts like the Bible, Greek, Roman down to middle ages and preserved by the monks. This knowledge has been kept alive and is resurfacing in our modern times in everyday households. 

The delicate science of the processing of plants "life blood" into a high vibrational state called "Essential Oil." This high vibrational state allows our bodies to re-calibrate the state we are in to resonate higher and higher. The response is noticed quickly on the emotional level. WE can benefit on all our levels. Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually. 

Ancient tradition suggests that essential oils are high in "Ether", "Esther" or "Spirit" once called the "diet of the saints" as consumed with high energetic value less food is needed. Essential oils are loaded in the beneficial ion that we find in a harmonious environment (nature) called negative ions or beneficial ions. We are naturally attracted to nature, water, waterfalls, oceans, forests, parks, and gardening. There is now a disorder from lack of nature called "nature deficiency disorder". DoTerra essential oils are CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade). They are tested and re-tested to be high quality and pure. Their name in latin means "gifts of the earth". When Essential Oil produce is picked at the right time and processed properly, it makes them part of good health and prevention.






Becoming more visible publicly

Becoming more visible publicly


It all started when…

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